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Generational Divide

(This post submitted by Becky Kanis) Lieutenant Dan Choi went back to West Point this past weekend...

Gathering Steam

(This post submitted by Beth Hillman) Just as the challenges that U.S. troops face on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to change, the political climate surrounding “don’t ask/don’t tell” seems unsettled

U.S. Public: Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"


(This Guest Post Submitted By Gregory M. Herek.) What would be the political costs for the President and Congress of eliminating Don't Ask, Don't Tell?  read more »

Census marks an opportunity for LGBT political win

(This post submitted by Gary Gates) Counting same-sex spouses in the 2010 Census would mark a tangible first step for the Obama administration to acknowledge LGBT relationships.

Who's Afraid of the Military?

(This post submitted by Diane H. Mazur) What President Obama should consider in choosing a nominee for the Supreme Court, and why it matters in ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
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