Palm Center Releases First-Ever Statistical Study On Gays and Unit Cohesion

First-ever statistical study on gays and unit cohesion finds no connection

Pentagon should not study gay ban

If the proposed Pentagon study commission is packed with pro-repeal experts, its conclusion will be pre-ordained and will have no value.  But if the Pentagon is left to its own devices to study the gays-in-the-military issue, it will likely make a hack job of the project.

Ending Confusion About "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

What's the difference between the "law" and the "policy"?

Beyond False Choices: Risk-Takers, Doers, Makers of Things

The end of "don't ask, don't tell" will inevitably be far less political and more collaborative than its creation was 15 years ago. President Obama's rhetoric demands it.

Palm Center's Integrity Questioned

The Palm Center's research hasn't, for the most part, found anything novel.  Other scholars, even official military scholars, have reached the same conclusions that we have.

An Old Narrative About Gays in the Military Re-emerges

It’s interesting to watch how new narratives evolve—and are created—when it comes to ongoing national dialogues about critical issues like gays in the military...

A New View for the New Year

It's useful to take a step back every now and then, and to look upon ourselves with curiosity - maybe we'll identify blind spots, reassess, and find new ways to operate more efficiently.

Does Tolerance Require Tolerating Intolerance?

Many are dissapointed with Obama's pick of Rick Warren for the inauguration invocation, but might engagement work?

What Does Colin Powell Mean?

Former Joint Chiefs Chair Colin Powell said this week that "don't ask, don't tell" should be re-examined. But what, exactly, does he mean? When Powell calls for the ban's rexamination, is he saying that it should be studied so that it can be left alone? Eliminated? Something else?

Perhaps he's just saying that we don't know enough about the ban to know what to do without re-examining it. But that doesn't make sense either

What we know, based on research, is that eliminating the ban will help the military. Military leaders, of course, will never say that. None of the 24 foreign militaries that lifted their bans did so because the military called for change. This is a situation in which the military needs to be told what to do.

Does “don’t ask, don’t tell” impact transgender service members?


Yes, it does.

That was one of the findings from a unique and timely survey conducted by the Transgender American Veteran’s Association [TAVA] and analyzed in August by Palm Center researchers.  read more »

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