Greg Brown

Military Outreach Coordinator

Greg graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1987 and is, and always will be, a rabid Golden Gopher fan. He spent 6 years enlisted in the US Army and 22 years as an officer in the US Air Force. Greg was stationed in Europe for 13 years of his career and spent 7 years in the Pentagon. As a serial volunteer for deployments, he has worked for the UN in the former Yugoslavia, was part of the investigation team looking into the 1994 shootdown of Black Hawk helicopters in Iraq, served in Operation Northern Watch in Turkey and Operation Southern Watch in Saudi Arabia, was on an Humanitarian Relief Operation in Mozambique and South Africa, did a tour of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Green Zone, and most recently served in Jerusalem and the West Bank as part of an Israeli-Palestinian cooperation effort on improving security. His most relevant Pentagon experience was three years working the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell while a member of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In particular, he crafted the Pentagon's policy implementing the repeal. Greg retired in 2012. In 2013 he was recognized by his beloved University of Minnesota as an Alumni of Notable Achievement for his work on this issue.