• December 22, 2010 | TheStar.co.za - IOL

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    Washington - President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a landmark law to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the US military for the first time, but it could be many months before a move some top officers warn may endanger...

  • December 22, 2010 | CSMonitor.com - Christian Science Monitor Online

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    Washington - President Obama signed the bill Wednesday to end the 17-year ban on openly gay troops serving in the military, declaring at a White House ceremony that the legislation...

  • December 21, 2010 | Time.com - Swampland Blog

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    In the wake of the Senate's vote to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" on Saturday -- and President Obama's plan to sign the bill into law Wednesday morning -- just how long is it going to be before gay men and women...

  • December 21, 2010 | WashingtonPost.com

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    President Obama is scheduled to sign legislation Wednesday that will end the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, officially shifting to the Defense Department the political pressure surrounding the repeal of...

  • December 19, 2010 | LATimes.com

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    Today the military, tomorrow the marriage altar?

    In an era when gay Americans have seen stunning progress and many setbacks in the quest for equality under the law, many believe 2010 will go down in history as...

  • December 16, 2010 | MetroWeekly.com

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    "I'm going to file cloture on it tonight."

    With those words, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced that there will be a cloture vote on the stand-alone "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal bill. And, in what...

  • December 15, 2010 | MarineCorpsTimes.com

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    The Marine Corps' top officer is under fire following remarks he made to reporters this week concerning the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

    Although Gen. Jim Amos has received some support for opposing efforts...

  • December 9, 2010 | AOLNews.com

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    WASHINGTON (Dec. 9) -- Now that Senate Republicans have blocked a defense bill that included a repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, gay rights advocates may have lost their last, best chance to...

  • December 9, 2010 | Time.com - Swampland Blog

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    The Senate -- for the second time this fall -- blocked an effort to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Thursday afternoon. The move all but kills any chance of over-turning the 17-year old ban on gays...

  • December 8, 2010 | RealClearPolitics.com

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    Senate Democrats said Wednesday they had a plan to overcome Republican objections and finally repeal the military's 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops. The White House also expressed...