Gays And Lesbians At War

Felons, But Not Gays


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U.S Military Policies Concerning Homosexuals

Development, Implementation and Outcomes
November 1, 2001
Rhonda Evans
Palm Center White Paper

Throughout the U.S. military’s history, its treatment of sexual minorities has varied both as medical and popular understandings about homosexuality have shifted and as the needs of the armed forces themselves have changed. Military regulations have moved increasingly away from criminal prosecution to the discharge of homosexual service members in response to changing views among medical professionals about the root causes of homosexuality. The U.S. armed forces presently maintain a complete ban on the service of sexual minorities, regardless of conduct or performance.  read more »

Multinational Military Units and Homosexual Personnel

CA report commissioned by the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military, University of California, Santa Barbara
February 1, 2004
Geoffrey Bateman and Sameera Dalvi

Since the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy itself has made it impossible to study
the plausibility of the unit cohesion rationale directly, an examination of multinational military units may be the most direct
option for assessing the plausibility of the unit cohesion rationale.  read more »

Research Note Assessing "Homosexuals and U.S. Military Policy: Current Issues"

July 1, 2005
Nathaniel Frank
Palm Center Whitepaper

A report released by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reaches several conclusions about the current status of gay service members in the U.S. military serving under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  This note explains its misleading conclusions about the policy, and its effects on the status of gay service members.  read more »

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