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Opinions of Military Personnel on Sexual Minorities in the Military John Zogby, John Bruce, Rebecca Wittman, Sam Rodgers December 1, 2006
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Does the Gay Ban Undermine the Military's Reputation Aaron Belkin January 1, 2008
"The Importance of Objective Analysis" on Gays in the Military Jeanne Scheper, Nathaniel Frank, Aaron Belkin, Gary J. Gates November 10, 2008
A History of the Service of Ethnic Minorites in the U.S. Armed Forces Rhonda Evans June 1, 2003
A Modest Proposal Aaron Belkin, Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert January 1, 2003
A More Perfect Military Diane H. Mazur October 29, 2010
A Self Inflicted Wound Aaron Belkin July 28, 2009
Accession Standards for Transgender Personnel Gale S. Pollock, Alan M. Steinman, and Clara Adams-Ender March 18, 2015
Arbitrary and Capricious Diane H. Mazur October 1, 2014
Assessing the integration of gays and lesbians into the South African National Defence Force Aaron Belkin and Margot Canaday January 12, 2011